• SPANISH ABC 123 Reading Writing Practice
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  • 2014.03.15
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    "SPANISH ABC 123 Reading Writing Practice" will help you learn how to write Spanish Letter and Number.

    ▶ ABC MODE & 123 MODE ◀
    "SPANISH ABC 123 Reading Writing Practice"'s guideline will help you, and the app check the accuracy of sequence.
    "ABC 123 Writing Practice" Display the pretty Crayon Trace for all of the letters - Show your child how to properly write all of the letters and numbers.
    And you can check the result.
    You are able to go each Letter in order, or any letter you want.

    And your child can practice both of uppercase and lowercase letters.

    "SPANISH ABC 123 Reading Writing Practice" for Kids is so easy to use, your child will start confidently learning their alphabet within seconds.

    ▶ Letter Game ◀ (available only full ver)
    Find Same Letter!
    Drag each letter to same Letter. Your child will see fancy effect.
    It will attract your child!

    ▶ Sound Game ◀ (available only full ver)
    Listen and Find right Letter!

    ◆ Spanish Song!
    ◆ Learn the Spanish Alphabet Letters (A, B, C, …a,b,c…) and Practice writing!
    ◆ Uppercase and Lowercase Letters!
    ◆ Learn the Numbers (1, 2, 3, …) and Practice writing!
    ◆ Learn to Pronounce each Alphabet Letters and Numbers!
    ◆ Various Crayon Color! (Full:8colors Lite:2colors)
    ◆ Play Games - More interesting learning Alphabet Letters and Numbers! (Only Full-Ver)
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