• ABC SAFARI Animals & Plants - Video, Picture, Word, Puzzle Game
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  • 2014.01.01
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    Explore the wonderful wild world of Animals and Plants!

    ABC SAFARI teaches children new words through sight, sound and touch.

    Let your children explore a world of mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, fishes, flowers, fruits, trees and more through beautiful pictures, lively videos and funny puzzles.

    ◈ ZOO - Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Birds, Insects, Fishes
    ◈ GARDEN - Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, Mushrooms, Trees, Grains, Insectivorous plants
    Exposure To Animals — 600+ real pictures, sounds, videos & interactive puzzles
    Exposure To Plants — 700+ real pictures, sounds, videos & interactive puzzles
    ◈ Extends Vocabulary - More than 400 words
    ◈ Simple Interface - Easy for All ages
    ◈ Fun and Fun - Find out what is the Best Video. (Check out the chameleon video!)
    Play Puzzle - Easy Puzzle & Bonus Game!

    ABC SAFARI needs an internet connection to play videos. A wi-fi connection is recommended. Some videos may be removed from youTube but we try to replace them regularly.
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